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Parliament summons “candidates” for the position of Attorney General and Deputy Attorney of Nicaragua

Parliament summons "candidates" for the position of Attorney General and Deputy Attorney of Nicaragua

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, through the National Assembly of Nicaragua, is seeking a replacement for the position of Attorney General of the Republic of Nicaragua, which is currently held by the sanctioned Ana Julia Guido.

“The National Assembly, through Resolution Number 1-2023, opens the call for candidates for the Attorney General of the Republic and Deputy Attorney General,” the National Assembly announced on Tuesday, July 25, through its Twitter account, without giving further details.

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It also details that the parliamentary board of directors created the Special Constitutional Commission, to meet and study the candidates “for the aforementioned positions.”

Ana Julia Guido, the faithful to Ortegaism

As for Ana Julia Guido, who is unknown if she will leave office or if she will be re-elected, she joined the agency in 2007, when Daniel Ortega appointed her Deputy Prosecutor of the then liberal prosecutor Julio Centeno Gómez. In 2014, Centeno Gómez retired and Guido was appointed Attorney General of the Republic of Nicaragua.

The 64-year-old official, originally from Matagalpa, is known for her loyalty and submission to the Nicaraguan regime, accused of violating the human rights of Nicaraguans.

Under his command, the Public Ministry has become one of the repressive arms of the Ortega regime. In 2018, in the context of the April civic rebellion, he opened 802 legal proceedings against political prisoners, accusing them of “terrorism.”

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In 2021, human rights defenders, former presidential candidates, businessmen —among them former presidential candidate Cristiana Chamorro—, writers and journalists were summoned to the Public Ministry, to be “investigated” for alleged involvement in the “crime” of money laundering, in the case of the defunct Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation (FVBCH).

Sanctioned for violating human rights

Guido’s fidelity to Ortega has been condemned by the international community. On October 9, 2020, the United States Department of the Treasury included it on its “black list” of those sanctioned, along with the late presidential adviser Paul Oquist and the Cooperativa de Ahorro Caja Rural Nacional (CARUNA), under the control of Ortega.

Nicaraguan dictatorship seeks replacement for sanctioned Ana Julia Guido

Switzerland, Canada and the European Union also sanctioned it “for contributing to the continuous deterioration of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Nicaragua.”

If Ortega decides to remove Ana Julia Guido from the main office of the Prosecutor’s Office, this would be the first change that the Sandinista tyrant makes in that unit after nine years. However, in recent months the movements of various relevant Sandinista cadres have accelerated, especially among police chiefs, who apparently have lost the confidence of the red and black caudillo, and Guido comes from those same ranks.

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