Parliament approved the appointment of Stella Lugo as ambassador of Venezuela in Argentina

Jorge Rodríguez considered that the public manager, proven in different instances, will know how to represent the interests of the country and the people with dignity

The National Assembly (AN) approved this Thursday the appointment of Stella Marina Lugo as “extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador” of Venezuela in Argentina.

The report presented by the Permanent Commission on Foreign Policy, Sovereignty and Integration highlighted the role played by the Venezuelan woman in national and international politics.

It also highlights the coherence that the head of missions has had in her performance in the diplomatic work carried out in Buenos Aires.

Stella Lugo has been characterized by defending the interests of fellow citizens residing in Argentina.

The President of parliament, Jorge Rodríguez considered Lugo “a brave, capable, intelligent, tenacious woman, a proven public manager in different instances who will know how to represent with dignity the interests of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its people.”

He indicated that Oscar Laborde will be the ambassador of Argentina in Venezuela.

Reactivation of diplomatic relations

For Rodríguez, the reestablishment of diplomatic relations is “a demonstration of the courage and perseverance of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

In his opinion, it is an opportune time for “sanity to return, the pacifist spirit, and for sister countries to resume bilateral cooperation with our country.”

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