Parlasur holds the first 100% face-to-face session since the start of the pandemic

The Mercosur Parliament (Parlasur) held this Monday in Montevideo its first fully face-to-face session since the start of the pandemic, a meeting that will serve to discuss various issues that are marked on the agenda.

This is indicated by a statement issued on its website, in which it explains that the 80th Ordinary Session will be chaired by the Paraguayan Tomás Bittar.

Among the topics that will be worked on during the day is the proposal that recommends to the Common Market Council the construction of a compensation dam on the Paraná River, in the border area of ​​Itacorá (Paraguay) and Itatí (Argentina).

The text emphasizes that this is done “taking into account the importance of hydroelectric energy as a basic input for the socio-economic development of the countries in the process of integrating Mercosur.”

Also noteworthy for this session are “the Draft Standards, which on the one hand regulate the process by which the Mercosur Parliament makes requests for Advisory Opinions to the MERCOSUR Permanent Review Tribunal (TPR); and a second Project on the process of electing the members of said court».

Finally, the document indicates that a Provision Proposal will be debated for the creation of the Truth and Justice Commission in the Parlasur in relation to the War of the Triple Alliance, in addition to a Declaration Proposal on the so-called “lawfare” in the region. .

Before the start, as can be seen on the Parlasur Twitter account, Bittar and the Vice President for Brazil, Celso Russomanno, discussed the situation in Ukraine with MEP Jordi Cañas.

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