Parents and relatives of victims protest against sexual abuse

Parents and relatives of victims protest against sexual abuse

June 30, 2023, 12:54 PM

June 30, 2023, 12:54 PM

parents protest against pedophilia
They demand justice for the victims of sexual abuse/Photo: Ricardo Montero.

A group of Self-convened parents and relatives of victims of sexual abuse marched and protested in Plaza 24 de Setiembre and on the outskirts of the Santa Cruz Departmental Prosecutor’s Office, in rejection of the cases of violation that have been registered in the last days.

The parental sit-in It began in the heart of the capital of Santa Cruz, on the outskirts of the cathedral, where they arrived with banners, demanding that the abuse of minors not be normalized, as well as that justice be done in the reported cases.

“Children don’t touch each other”, It was one of the most repeated phrases on the banners displayed by the self-convened group, they also recommended being alert to the signs that children show and not forcing them to stay or be in the company of strangers.

Claudia Aruquipa, one of the self-convened, indicated that the protest is being held against the pedophilia. He recalled that on June 24, in some countries, the International Day of Pedophile Pride was commemorated, a date that is rejected and instead, he urges Bolivia to protest and mobilize against of pedophilia.

“As parents we are organizing to fight against pedophilia, we cannot allow harassment to continue to occur in educational centers and everywhere. we want to raise our voice, tell the authorities that we are not going to allow them to normalize pedophiliabecause this is not a sexual orientation, it is a psychological problem, a mental problem and we do not want them to normalize it,” Aruquipa said.

He added that they reject comprehensive sexual education in educational establishments, since he considers that it awakens schoolchildren and leads to the normalization of these issues. “We cannot teach what is immoral, let’s talk about prevention and how there are people who can end up with sexually transmitted diseases that end up dying,” he said.

They point out that there are more and more cases of sexual abuse, a fact that should alarm all instances to protect the safety and integrity of children.

Another mother said that she went on a pilgrimage to seek justice for the rape of her two-year-old daughter, committed by her own biological father; however, her case was filed.

I have a two-year-old daughter who was the victim of her own father who abused her. but until now justice has not been done, he is free, working. The event occurred six months ago, but I never found justice. The prosecutor was biased and rejected my case,” the woman denounced.

The protest of parents moved to the doors of the Prosecutor’s Office where they requested a meeting with the prosecutor departmental, Róger Mariaca, who promised to receive them next Friday.

parents protest against pedophilia
They held a sit-in in Plaza 24 de Septiembre/Photo: Ricardo Montero.

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