Convicts at liberty who opt for procedural benefits are evaluated with psychosocial examinations

He Ministry of Popular Power for the Penitentiary Service activated a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, criminologists, social workers and lawyers to evaluate the psychosocial history of prisoners released, with the purpose of opting for conditional suspension of execution of sentence.

In this sense, the Minister of Penitentiary Service, VA Celsa Bautistainformed on his Instagram network account that during these days the requests issued by the Courts of First Instance in functions of Execution of Penalties and Measures are attended, which have already been executed in the states of La Guaira, Miranda and in the District Capital.

”Currently, our multidisciplinary team is deployed in the state of Zulia, where it is planned to evaluate a total of 2,800 cases of prisoners releasedto then begin these evaluations in the state of Falcón and progress progressively through all the states of the country,” said Bautista.

Finally, the Minister of Penitentiary Service He assured that these actions will continue to be developed to give a full guarantee of social inclusion and access to expedited and free justice.



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