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Parallel collection in the Highway Patrol: “We are victims,” ​​say the agents

This FridayColorado senator Martín Arévalo denounced a parallel collection scheme in the Highway Patrol, which involves the MOPC and some politicians who are receiving generous “income” from the inspectors.

Aboutthe general inspector of the Highway Patrol, Adolfo Ortega, said that they are analyzing where the complaint comes from and pointed out that they hope that the senator’s tests “will be serious.”

“We are always victims, they always want to mess us up but they never present evidence. He will have his reasons why he says that,” Ortega stressed in an interview with 1020 AM.

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He added that the formal complaint is expected to make the counterpart, since they consider that what the Colorado senator stated “does not make sense.”

Arévalo indicated that, according to the information he obtained, there is an alleged “collection” scheme that would benefit the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) and certain politicianswhose names he did not reveal.

The entrance Parallel collection in the Highway Patrol: “We are victims,” ​​say the agents was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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