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Paraguay without measles since 1998: suspicious case reported

Hoy Paraguay

Dr. Eleno Arévalos, head of epidemiology of the VII Sanitary Region, spoke to Gen-Nación Media about a suspected measles patient in Itapúa.

Is about a one and a half year old baby, resident in Colonias Unidas, city ​​of Obligado, department of Itapúa.

The little one presented symptoms such as skin rashes and fever, Therefore, the rapid test was carried out, which gave a positive result.

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Complete tests are not done in Paraguay, so the health authorities They sent the samples to the United States, in order to confirm or rule out the hypothesis.

The answer will take between two to five months, so it will still take a long time to know the truth.

The last time a case of measles was registered in the country was in 1998, therefore, if confirmede, would become the first patient, after 24 years.

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