Paraguay, the second most corrupt in South America

Paraguay, the second most corrupt in South America

Yesterday, the organization Transparency International published the 2021 Corruption Perception Index. The document shows that Paraguay is in position 128, with a slight rebound, considering that, in 2019, it was in position 132. .

The document mentions that the countries that have improved significantly in the last ten years were; Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, China, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Ethiopia, Greece, Guyana, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Burma, Nepal, Paraguay, Senegal, Seychelles, South Korea, Tanzania, East Timor, Ukraine , Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

As for the list of Spanish-speaking countries, the worst scored is Venezuela with 177, then; Nicaragua with 164, Honduras with 157, Guatemala with 150 and Paraguay with 128, just to mention the first five.

As for South America, Venezuela leads with 177, followed by Paraguay and Bolivia with 128, Peru and Ecuador with 105, Brazil and Argentina 96, Colombia 87, Chile 27 and Uruguay 18.

The document published yesterday by Transparency International indicates that corruption levels are stagnant worldwide. This means that there is little or no progress in 86% of the countries evaluated in the last ten years.

“Transparency International found that countries that violate civil liberties consistently get lower scores on the index. Complacency in the fight against corruption gives rise to more serious human rights violations and undermines democracy, thus triggering a vicious spiral. As rights and freedoms are eroded and democracy is weakened, authoritarianism advances, which contributes to further increase corruption”, reads part of the study.

The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks 180 countries and territories according to the level of perception of corruption in each one’s public sector, on a scale of zero (highly corrupt) to one hundred (highly clean).

Paraguay obtained a score of 30. This means that the perception is much closer to corruption than to transparency.

The global average score of the 180 countries remains at 43 points for the tenth consecutive year and two thirds of the countries do not reach 50.

At the top are Denmark (88), Finland (88) and New Zealand (88). These three countries are also among the top ten for civil liberties according to the Democracy Index report.

Somalia (13), Syria (13) and South Sudan (11) again have the lowest scores on the index. Syria is also the last country in terms of civil liberties (Somalia and South Sudan are not qualified).

Another 27 countries, such as Cyprus (53), Lebanon (24) and Honduras (23) have obtained the lowest scores.

Likewise, in the last decade, 154 countries have suffered a deterioration or have not made substantial progress.

Transparency International in a country measures the levels of cases of bribery, diversion of funds, officials who use positions without for private benefit without suffering consequences, excessive bureaucracy, nepotism and protection for those who report cases of corruption.

Corruption Ranking in South America 2021

*From highest to lowest perception

1- Venezuela

two- Paraguay

3- Bolivia

4- Peru

5- Ecuador

6- Brazil

7- Argentina

8- Colombia

9- Chile

10- Uruguay

Fountain: International Transparency.

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