Paraguay decides what country model it wants

Paraguay decides what country model it wants

One of the most crucial days for Paraguay arrived. This Sunday begins the electoral process to find out who will be the new authorities of the country. A peaceful day is expected without the stain of corruption tarnishing the internal supporters.

Some political analysts point out that it is time for citizens to wake up and come to make their useful vote, seeking the well-being of a mistreated homeland governed by corruption for so many years.

For Selva Castiñeira, it exists with a range of new political figures but unfortunately we have not yet learned in Paraguay to campaign outside the traditional context, so these figures could not have the necessary notoriety required by a candidate in an electoral campaign.

“We hope that they are really located at the polls and they can have the opportunity to achieve the longed-for jump for the generals. My wish for success for each of these brave citizens who opted to run for office and give an option to citizens who are disconnected from politicians due to lack of confidence ”, she expressed.

Today, confidence in politicians has been lost due to the disconnect that exists between politicians and the electorate.

He added that Paraguay has a particular political system unlike the other countries in the region, where one of the parties always had the greatest electoral muscle and an organization with a lot of knowledge and customs on election day.

“If we talk about whether we can have a clean and healthy government, it is everyone’s knowledge that the only way to achieve this is by voting conscientiously, by people with real capacity to offer solutions during their administration, giving opportunity to people who are capable of to worry about the problems of the country and the citizenship”, highlighted Castiñeira.


In his opinion, the only way to achieve a change in the government model is for a situation similar to that of 2008 to occur, where an opposition candidate was chosen and won with votes from the party with the majority of members, the ANR. and with an alliance within the opposition.

Unfortunately, there has been little opening for dialogue within the opposition until now, when it is the opportunity they have to be a government due to the general context at the regional level.

“Paraguay should eliminate that political culture of corruption for which we are known, because looking at the context we are a country with a good economic position at the regional level, which offers investment possibilities, a stable currency and other factors, but all this must be accompanied of a stable policy to build trust. If our policy does not give that political change, we will continue to suffer the consequences and the lack of credibility”, the analyst emphasized.

In turn, Mario Villalba Ferreira pointed out that there are new figures on the lists of senators and representatives of various parties. If the people vote for these candidates we can have representatives who add freshness, new ideas and represent more diverse interests than we have so far.

However, there are still many traditional politicians who manage the party structures and financing schemes that support them to protect very sectoral corporate interests.


“I don’t think we should think about the possibility of a clean and sane government. Each candidate and party brings its own contradictions and dirt. The important thing is to think not of the perfect candidacy but of the most viable one to face the political groups that have dominated control of the government for several decades. We need to think about political change even if it is imperfect. A change in the government model is only possible with a change in the parties and political groups that control them, ”he said.

Candidates are guided more by trends, marketing strategies, branding and positioning without deep content on a new model. There are few candidacies that presented a government plan with indicators on how they will measure their results.

Villalba explained that the concertation figure is an innovation in our political history. Small parties and new figures play some qualifying rounds that will be close, but if all those forces come together to go as a single team to the World Cup, then the ANR will have very strong competition. This strengthens democracy.

“The new government has to focus on the fight against corruption, impunity and inefficiency in public management as a first step. Second, prioritize investments to guarantee rights to people in situations of poverty and vulnerability. Third, investing in an economic model of sustainable development that can attract international investment and support entrepreneurs in different corners of the country”, he stressed.

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