Paraguay calls for a constructive dialogue for stability in Peru

Paraguay calls for a constructive dialogue for stability in Peru

The National Chancellery ruled on the events of yesterday Wednesday in Peru, where the until then president Pedro Castillo was arrested after announcing the dissolution of Congress and the swearing in of his vice president as the new head of state.

«The Republic of Paraguay expresses its concern about the situation in Peru; calls for a constructive dialogue between all the actors and political forces to preserve democracy and its institutions in favor of stability and pacification in that brother country,” the Ministry said on its Twitter account.

Castillo announced yesterday afternoon his intention to dissolve the opposition-dominated Congress and that he was going to submit a third impeachment attempt in 16 months that same afternoon.

Congress ignored the decision and removed him from office for “moral incapacity.” In her place, Dina Boularte, the until then vice president, was sworn in as the new president. Boularte asked the opposition for a truce to resolve the institutional crisis.

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