BBVA: Private investment would only grow in 2023

Business confidence: unions expect a technical cabinet with a broad base

the oath of as President of the Republic and her first message to the nation were well received by the market and business associations, as they expressed their optimism regarding the new government and the will to form a “broad-based” cabinet that promotes the return of the meritocracy.

Oscar Caipo, president of the National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep), explained that they view the first message “with cautious optimism” and stressed that a message of unity was observed, “calling for dialogue, seeking agreements, and to be able to resume the path of economic growth”.

“He has talked about having a broad-based cabinet, because he has talked about all bloodlines, but he has also said that the best and the best have to be there to take charge of a situation as critical as the one the country has. All of this generates optimism because what we need is to change the downward trajectory we were on to go in the right direction and start moving the country forward,” Caipo told Peru21.

In that sense, considered that the fact that Boluarte was a civil servant should contribute to restoring the meritocratic order.

“Something that we have demanded from the private sector and from Confiep is the quality of the appointments. And with this it is not that one wants appointments of the same political affinity; It is not so important if they are right-wing or center-left people, but rather that they are capable, upright people. It has become clear and we must all learn that we cannot tolerate corruption”, he asserted.

technocratic cabinet

The announcement of a cabinet with trained professionals also aroused confidence in the National Society of Industries (SNI). Your president, Jesus Salazar Nishiexpressed that the arrival of Boluarte and his message generate the expectation that he will evaluate his cabinet well and that this will go hand in hand with the return of technocracy to the ministries.

“A path of hope is opening up for Peru, conditional on the president doing what she is saying. In other words, convene a cabinet with a broad base where proven and technical people prevail, who know how to manage the State and begin to work with a state apparatus that, after a year and a half, has been depredated, ”she commented.

anti-investment messages

Given that at the end of May Dina Boluarte made comments against mining during her participation in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Peru21 asked Salazar if this was taken as a fact of the past or if it should generate optimism more cautious.

For the businessman, the event corresponded to a different context. “I understand that the statements given by the then vice president correspond to the context of her moment. Now I do not see President Boluarte express herself in the same way. I see that she understands that the great responsibility that weighs on her shoulders is to rebuild a country, call for national unity, leave divisions behind, and summon all political and civil society sectors, as well as business unions,” she said. .

For the general manager of ComexPerú, Jessica Luna, it should be noted “that the route of the Constitution has been followed to get out of the crisis”, which generates stability for the world and for investments.

“In November we traveled with the current president Boluarte to APEC (Thailand) and, in the various spaces with investors, she gave a message promoting private investment,” he said.

Keep in mind

-Jessica Luna, from Comex, also pointed out that now the great challenge is to form a cabinet with the best professionals who generate trust.

-Aspan welcomed the democratic development of the Armed Forces and the National Police during the most critical moments.

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