Paola was beaten to death: she believed that her murderer would no longer mistreat her and "burst" her liver

Paola was beaten to death: she believed that her murderer would no longer mistreat her and “burst” her liver

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The forensic certificate of Paola E. LL. V. states that she died of hemorrhagic hypovolemic shock, hepatic laceration, and blunt abdominal trauma. She believed that her murderer would not mistreat her anymore, but she “burst” her liver.

Aleida Vásquez, the young woman’s mother, denounced that her daughter was constantly beaten by her partner, Cristhian FQA, a 30-year-old man.

“They lived five years. Once he hit her, dragged her and cut her hair. She said ‘he will never do it again’, but he was always violent, aggressive, ”he told Red Uno.

In the midst of pain, the woman says that her daughter “burst her liver and had bruises on her body.”

The 26-year-old victim, who left a four-year-old child an orphan, died in the early hours of February 14 in Villa Primero de Mayo and the main suspect is her partner. The Prosecutor’s Office apprehended him and accused him of femicide.

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This Tuesday the departmental prosecutor of Santa Cruz, Róger Mariaca, confirmed that the case is being investigated precisely as a femicide.

“Once the fact was known, the Prosecutor’s Office team went to the San Isidro Clinic, where the victim was transferred, the deceased female person was verified at the scene and the body was transferred to the morgue of the Pampa de la Isla for their respective autopsy,” the authority reported.

Prosecutor Francisca Rivero specified that the incident took place in a house in Villa Primero de Mayo, in Santa Cruz. In that place, “Christian FQA would have taken the life of her partner with strong blows,” says a bulletin from the Prosecutor’s Office.

The report indicates that the staff of the San Isidro Clinic called the Comprehensive Police Station (EPI) at 02:00, reporting that Paola had been transferred by her concubine and had no vital signs, and also had signs of violence.

“Mr. Judge, I ask for justice for my daughter, she was taken from me and no one is going to return her to me. She leaves her orphaned son, my grandson,” Paola’s mother implored.

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