Panificadora La Sin Rival is going through a “complex” situation, according to the union; company denies possible closure

The industrial bakery of The Without Rival It is going through a “complex” economic situation and the continuity of the company is at risk if capital does not appear to get the business afloat, he informed The Observer the union leader of the Coordinating Table of Industrial Bakeries (Mesa del Bread), Miguel Rosales.

However, the owner of the company, Mónica Calvar, declared to El Observador that she was “surprised” by this version of the union about a possible closure and assured that it is not in her plans to lower the curtain. “The company does not plan to close,” she said. She added that the company is going through an economic stage as it has on other occasions and that the pandemic had its impact, as happened with other businesses. “There are no salaries owed here and we are working well; we have to keep rowing,” Calvar said.

The union version

Rosales explained that viability is uncertain “because there is no capital resulting from poor company management. If capital does not appear in 30 days, according to what the owner herself (Mónica Calvar) said through her lawyer Pablo Durán, she would close and leave 90 families on the street and there would be no money to pay for the layoffs of the workers”, Indian.

The leader indicated that there are “debts” with the DGI and contributions to the BPS from the workers themselves. La Sin Rival was founded in 1938 and has a workforce of 106 employees in its two businesses. Next Friday there will be a meeting where its owner is expected to attend. Calvar announced that in that instance he plans to inform the workers that the “company does not close.”

Rosales specified that La Sin Rival pasta factory It belongs to the same owner, Mónica Calvar, not included in that situation because it is “another item” and is “independent” of the industrial bakery.

The union leader pointed out the general manager of the bakery, Marcelo Ríos, as the “responsible” for poor management of the company. The Observer tried to contact Ríos but could not be reached on his cell phone or at the company office.

Marcelo Ríos had been a candidate in the BPS elections representing the businessmen and had the support of the main business associations in the country. However, the winner in that order was José Pereyra, who is part of the Un Solo Uruguay movement and chaired the Maldonado Business Chamber.

Ríos is the general manager of the Union of Meat Vendors, support accountant of the National Chamber of Food and general accountant of the Uruguayan Chamber of Pasta Manufacturers (CUFP) and the Chamber of Hardware Stores and Bazaristas of Uruguay. Between 2017 and 2019 he was attached to the former Minister of Labor, Ernesto Murro.

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