Panamanian consumer confidence index falls 11%

The Panamanian consumer confidence index fell from 87 to 76 between May and July 2022; This was revealed by a survey by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), in strategic alliance with The Marketing Group.

The Panamanian Consumer Confidence Index (ICCP) marked a drop of -11 points, compared to the measurement of the month of May of this year.

The General Manager of The Marketing Group, Domingo Barrios, pointed out that “the second highest level of mistrust is observed since the beginning of the study, which is the product of the demonstrations and closures at the national level that were registered during the month of July.” .

As for the expectations about the probability of saving money, these remain at levels of distrust, marking a result of 42 points, with a decrease of 9 percentage points, compared to the measurement of May 2022, which was 51 points. .

The perception of unemployment marks an index of 70 percentage points, 9 percentage points below the previous measurement. For the measurement of July 2022, the perception remains discouraged, since 46% consider that it is unlikely to obtain it, while 43% will not have a job. Meanwhile, 8% consider that it is quite likely that they will have a job and 3% consider that it is very likely that they will have a job.

Another of the items evaluated was related to the expectations of consumers about the economic situation of their homes, which scored 96 points, that is, -13 points when compared to May 2022, which indicates that the perception of the economic situation from their homes fell into the line of mistrust.

On the other hand, the indicator on the prospects of the general economic situation of the country for the next 12 months marked 96 points, which is equivalent to a decrease of 11 points, when compared to (May 2022, which remained at 107 points). These results show an increase in the level of mistrust about the future situation of the economy.

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