“Panama is a safe place,” says Pino about crime in Panama

In an interview conducted this Sunday morning on the program TVN’s ‘Radar’the Minister of Security, Juan Manuel Pino, referred to the high number of robberies and thefts that the country faces, assuring that if crime in Panama is compared with other surrounding countries, our rate is much lower.

“There is no place in Panama that is closed by the public force. Panama is a safe place,” Pino said.

Regarding the criticism of the perception that the National Police detain criminals and then they are released by justices of the peace, Pino indicated that the Ministry of the Interior is currently seeking a modification to the operation of the houses of peace.

“Previously, the Public Ministry investigated this type of crime for amounts greater than $250, but now it is required that it be $1,000 to be investigated by a prosecutor and not resolved by a justice of the peace,” he said.

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