Panama Canal refuses to impose sanctions on Russian ships

In relation to the war between Ukraine and Russia, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) reaffirmed today that the interoceanic route will maintain its policy of neutrality.

In a statement published by several media outlets such as TVN Noticias and the digital versions of the newspapers La Prensa and Metro Libre, the ACP refused to impose any type of sanctions and the prohibition of transit for Russian ships, a demand by Ukrainian citizens residing in the Central American nation.

The Panama Canal closely follows the current situation in Ukraine, but “it is a permanently neutral international transit waterway,” the text states.

The objective of this neutrality is that “both in times of peace and in times of war” the Canal “remains safe and open for the peaceful transit of ships from all nations on terms of complete equality,” adds the ACP.

The United States stands out as one of the main users of the Canal, whose routes link its shipping companies with the Asian continent and those of South America with Europe.

According to official data, the presence of the Russian Federation in the Channel is insignificant.

The ACP warned that, despite the complex situation between Kiev and Moscow, it could at some point affect the supply chain of world maritime trade, which would impact the tonnage, number of transits and the revenue of the route.

Last December, the Panamanian president, Laurentino Cortizo, received the contribution to the State for fiscal year 2021 of the strategic artery, an amount of two thousand 80 million dollars, corresponding to surpluses, rights per ton of traffic and payment for services borrowed.

Official reports assert that the road foresees for this 2022 a contribution to the treasury of almost two thousand 500 million dollars, according to the budget approved for the entity by the National Assembly (Parliament).

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