Palestine denounces Bennett’s support for Israeli settler crimes

Bennett’s recent statements confirm the expansionist policy in that territory, including East Jerusalem, the Foreign Ministry denounced in a statement.

The politician’s position provides official cover for the most extremist sectors to steal more Palestinian land, he stressed.

“The racist colonial mentality rejects any criticism, whether internal or external,” highlighted the text in reference to the recent questioning of the Israeli Deputy Minister of Economy Yair Golan, who belongs to the left-wing Meretz party.

Golan, a former deputy chief of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff, lashed out this week at settlers living in the Homesh settlement, which even Tel Aviv considers illegal.

These are not people, they are subhuman, they are despicable, said the politician, recalling his constant attacks against neighboring Palestinian villages.

Although Golan retracted after his qualifications, he insisted on his criticism during a dialogue with Channel 12.

“I am sorry for the comment, which may have included a troublesome phrase. It was said with anger and that can happen (…) I could have used a better expression, like ‘despicable bullies’ ”, he affirmed.

I fought the Palestinian militias all my life, so I don’t need classes on the subject, but I think the internal danger is more serious than the external one. We Jews in Israel must eradicate this evil, he stressed.

In response, right-wing sectors in power and in the opposition, led by Likud, lashed out at the official.

“Those who settle in Judea and Samaria (a name used by Israelis to refer to the West Bank) are the pioneers of today. We have not taken a foreign land, we have reclaimed the land of our ancestors ”, Bennett affirmed, repeating the thesis of the extreme right.

The resolutions of the UN Security Council and the international community consider that occupied territory part of the future Palestinian state.

At the end of last year, the Israeli Minister of Public Security, Omer Barlev, received more protection after the death threats from ultra-nationalist sectors and settlers after criticizing the violence of the latter against the Palestinians.

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