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“Pakova” Ledesma remains firm in the project that seeks to reduce Petropar fuels

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Paraguayan carriers expressed their disagreement with the massive entry of Bolivian tanker trucks, which they accuse of having a monopoly for fuel freight from our country.

Bernardino Fernández, spokesman for the Federation of Autonomous Carriers of Paraguay, in an interview with Radio 1000, commented that Bolivian trucks are monopolizing the freight of fuel that is carried from Paraguay.

In recent days, a significant number of tanker trucks with Bolivian license plates have been seen crossing our country, a fact that has caught the attention of the public and, especially, of the transportation sector.

From this union of carriers, they demand that the government enforce the antitrust law that defends free competition. “We have no response from the state,” he added.

According to Fernandez, after a request made by associations of Bolivian companies, the possibility for Paraguayan tank trucks to take on this work was cut short, which they consider to be a monopoly.

Petropar sells its fuel to Bolivia and for the transport of the product they resort directly to Bolivian trucks and not to Paraguayan ones, according to what the trucking leader stated.

“It is unfair that only they can get here,” he said. In order to find a solution to this conflict, yesterday they had a meeting with the Minister of the Interior, Federico González, whom they asked to mediate in the matter.

If this week they do not have any response from the government, they could resort to other pressure measures, he warned.

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