Minem proposes to reduce taxes for the import and commercialization of electric vehicles

Minem proposes to reduce taxes for the import and commercialization of electric vehicles

The Ministry of Energy and Mines () proposes to reduce or eliminate access barriers to the importation and sale of electric vehicles in the national market.

The energy portfolio is preparing a bill to promote electric vehicles, which includes various incentives in favor of users, with the aim of promoting the development of electromobility in the country and a true decarbonization of the energy matrix in the sector transportation.

The proposal seeks to establish the specific conditions for the promotion and mass use of electric vehicles throughout the national territory, and of the charging supply infrastructure, through the creation of a legal framework that facilitates their access.

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The initiative contemplates a reduction of the General Sales Tax (IGV) for the production, importation and/or commercialization of electric vehicles and their auto parts, as well as the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC), the Tariff Regime – Ad Valorem, and the Tax to the Vehicle Heritage.

The regulations also contemplate that municipalities at the national level, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), implement exclusive lanes and parking lots for electric vehicles and buses; as well as the preparation and approval of a scrap program, special promotions for the acquisition of electric bus fleets, special bidding procedure, special depreciation regime, among other benefits.

“The sustained increase in fuel prices that we have experienced in recent months is also an opportunity to encourage the use of other energy sources. At Minem we are analyzing various technical aspects to ensure that there is a greater entry of these electric vehicles into the country, lowering their cost and making it more accessible to the citizen”pointed out the Vice Minister of Electricity, Martín Dávila.


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