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Padre Island, in Texas, expects Monterrey tourism at Easter and in summer

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Padre Island, in Texas, expects Monterrey tourism at Easter and in summer

Monterey, NL. One of the favorite places of Monterrey is to visit the Padre Islandin the south of Texasin Holy Week and the summer. This flow of sightseeing was interrupted by the closure of borders by the Covid-19However, this bay will have an occupancy rate of between 70 and 75% this year, in more than 5,000 rooms, he commented. Theresa RodriguezDirector of Marketing for Padre Island.

“Last year we broke occupancy records, we had an upturn compared to 2019, in hotels and rest homes, with 12.6 million dollars, a record was broken since May 10, this year we are ahead,” said the board. .

He explained that getting to the Padre Island It is easy. If you want to travel by plane there are three airports, however for those who arrive through the Harlingen International Airport or of McAllen International Airport, there is free transportation to the Island, which is at a distance of 1 hour and a half. There is also free transportation within the perimeter of the island to move anywhere.

the mexican line VivaAerobus It has one departure on Thursday of each week to Harlingen International Airport, and one departure to Monterey on Sunday of each week.

Among the main attractions of the Island is the bird sanctuarywith more than 280 species, for example it is home to the brown pelican, as well as Alligator Sanctuary.

Forty minutes from the Island is the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refugelocated east of Deep River and bordering the bay of the Mother Lagoonwhere the refuge of more than 418 birds is located.

Illa Loetscher, known as the turtle lady, has a foundation that is dedicated to caring for and educating the public about endangered sea turtles. A boardwalk connects the rehabilitation center to the 30,000-square-foot education center, which includes six aquarium-style tanks and a museum.

Another attraction is the observation of the SpaceXin the Boca Chica area, where tests are carried out on some of the most advanced rockets, from satellites that put them into orbit, to the rockets that will take people to Mars.

This attraction has generated an increase in the acquisition of condominiums and rest houses in the Boca Chica area, the director indicated.

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