Pablo Moyano visited Milagro Sala and asked that it be reviewed "the political prison situation"

Pablo Moyano visited Milagro Sala and asked that it be reviewed "the political prison situation"

The meeting between Sala and Moyano was held at the house of the social leader and lasted 30 minutes.

The co-secretary general of the CGT and deputy secretary of the Truckers’ Union, Pablo Moyano, visited social leader Milagro Sala in Jujuy on Thursday and asked to “review the political prisoner situation” of the leader, since he considered that her detention is ” consequence of the macrista persecution”.

Sala, for his part, maintained that Moyano “gave me all his support, because he, like many leaders, considers that my arrest is totally unjust and he wanted to meet me for a long time to express it.”

Moyano expressed “his full support” for the leader of the Tupa Amaru, who has been detained for six years, due to “the resistance she maintains” in the legal case and requested that “the situation of a political prisoner as a result of the macrista persecution” be reviewed, it was reported in a statement.

The social leader, in dialogue with this agency, said that With Moyano “we talked about the critical economic and political situation that the province of Jujuy is experiencing and we have many coincidences in our analysis”.

Likewise, he valued the agreements reached by Truckers with large companies in favor of workers, pointing out that “Moyano is touring the entire country with the aim of achieving salary increases for fellow truckers in all provinces.”

“There are few union leaders who take the trouble to tour the provinces and that impressed me,” said the social leader from his house located in the Cuyaya neighborhood, where he is serving house arrest.

Moyano met for 30 minutes with the social leader in Jujuy, where earlier he offered a press conference and referred to the increase in additional fees for truckers in that province.

“It is an agreement after joint increase in the concept of wallets and additional charges, which will grow every time there is a joint increase,” said the trade unionist on that occasion.

In this way, the leader announced that the agreement “had been signed in Buenos Aires” and now “in Jujuy” will be “spread throughout the country.”

The salary improvement achieved “ranges from six thousand pesos,” Moyano clarified, and assured that it benefits “those who are distributing all multi-brand products.”

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