Pablo Gómez: do not vote in the revocation "It can generate" sanctions

Pablo Gómez: do not vote in the revocation "It can generate" sanctions

The official posted a message on his Twitter account on April 12, two days after the first referendum on revocation of the mandate of the President of the Republic in Mexico was held.

According to preliminary results announced by Lorenzo Córdova, president counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), between 17% and 18.2% participated in the nominal list, which was not enough for the results of the exercise to be binding.

Accordingly, some 76 million Mexican citizens abstained from casting their vote in the recall exercise.

The director of the FIU pointed out that the INE did not safeguard the right and obligation of citizens to cast their vote in the revocation of the mandate carried out on April 10, which was reflected in a low turnout.

Gómez accused of not disseminating precise information to voters about the obligation to participate in the exercise, nor about the location of the polls.

According to Pablo Gomez

The official mentioned article 38 of the Constitution, which reads that the rights or prerogatives of citizens can be suspended for breach of obligations.

The citizen rights recognized in article 35 of the Constitution are to vote, to be voted for, freedom of association, defense of the country, petition, among others.

The General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures establishes that voting is a right and, at the same time, an obligation, but in its article 447 (which specifies the infractions), no sanction is indicated for not voting.

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