Osinergmin: Workers union demands transparency in the election contest of its president

Osinergmin: Workers union demands transparency in the election contest of its president

The Union of Employees of the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (SIEP-) demanded from President Pedro Castillo and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) transparency in the contest for the election of its president.

In a statement, he considered “serious and worrying” the constant complaints received on March 10, 11 and 17 about “acts of corruption and takeover of supporters” of a political party in strategic public entities, as well as the plans to capture the regulator at a time when the election of its president for the next 5 years.

“The SIEP-Osinergmin considers it essential that citizens, public entities and the media know the importance of non-politicization and preservation of the institutionality of Osinergmin, which is in charge of important tasks for the benefit of the population, such as the regulation of electricity and natural gas tariffs, as well as the supervision of the energy and mining sectors”he pointed.

He also said that it caused him “surprise and surprise” that the current president of Osinergmin, James Mendozahas been disqualified in the curricular stage and the former members of the Board of Directors Antonio Angulo and Aurelio Ochoaand managers like Edwin Quintanillahave been disqualified in the written exam.

For this reason, he demanded “urgent and priority”for the sake of transparency and to avoid discretionary actions of the evaluation commission, which is published on the website of the Osinergmin various points, such as the list of participants who participated in the contest for the election of the new president.

In the same way, that the evaluations and results obtained in the curricular evaluation stage be disclosed, as well as the written test and the essay presented by the applicants.

Finally, the union asked to publish the recordings of the interviews with the finalist contestants, in order to know the questions asked, the answers provided by each participant and if they were the same.

“Finally, we urge our authorities to carry out the corresponding investigations to ensure that there is no risk of capture and political takeover of our institution”sentenced the SIEP-Osinergmin.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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