Óscar Valdés Dancuart on deceased soldiers: "If you don't know what to do, resign"

Óscar Valdés Dancuart on deceased soldiers: “If you don’t know what to do, resign”

For former Prime Minister, there is operational and political responsibility in the death of the six soldiers in that they were surrounded by a mob stoned, and that finally, they had no other option to jump into the river to avoid being lynched.

“I regret the loss of the lives of these young people, their parents have put them at the service of the country. They did not have to die, the Army must have safeguarded them. The state of Emergency has become verbal because it is not being followed, ”he indicated.

He blamed the government of President Boluarte for not having handled the protests in a timely manner.

“The government of Mrs. Boluarte has not been able to assess what was happening in Puno, they are letting things go and they think that this is going to solve itself. When they wanted to attack the Juliaca airport, a state of emergency should have been declared there and the PNP and the Armed Forces should have been used. to put a stop to this, not now that they are sending the troops like this. Given these events, the resignation of Defense Minister Jorge Chávez Cresta and Prime Minister Otárola must be demanded. Congress should call him to ask for accounts in plenary. This is something that is already beyond the crisis. It’s incredible, the government doesn’t know what to do, there are sixty dead, now soldiers are dying. If you don’t know what to do, the one who has to step aside is President Boluarte.”he concluded.


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