Caso Lotería: Luis Dicent y Perdomo escapan maleficio del 13

Lottery Case: Luis Dicent and Perdomo escape curse of 13

He shield of the Public Ministry to corruption cases was not enough to prevent the second collegiate court of the National District from acquitting the former director of the National lotterysubmitted for the millionaire fraud that was committed in the institution.

The decision of the judges Claribel Nivar, Yissell Soto and Katherine Rubio it was also acquittal for Edison Perdomo Peralta.

The argument of the three magistrates was that insufficient evidence was presented against both defendants to destroy their presumption of innocence.

They indicated that given the insufficient evidence, “which were not plural or conclusive”, the statements given by the defendants could not be strengthened, by virtue of the provisions of article 337 number 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure “

For these reasons, they ordered the cessation of the coercive measures against both of them and released them from paying costs.

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eight convicted

Those who did have the “bad luck” attributed to number 13, the digit with which the fraud was committed in the draw on May 1, 2021, went to the accused William Lizardo Rosario Ortizsentenced to 7 years in prison; Eladio Batista Valerio (El Gago) and Felipe Santiago Toribio, to 6 years; and Miguel Mejia and Rafael Mesato 5.

Also to Carlos Manuel Beriguete Pérez, Jonhatan Augusto Brea Ovalle, and Valentina Cruz, who were sentenced to three (3) years in prison, two (2) of them suspended under rules regarding Valentina; being disqualified for a period of five (5) years for the exercise of public offices or offices.

As regards the substance, they condemned Rosario Cruz, Santiago Toribio, Batista Valerio, Beriguete Pérez, Brea Ovalles, Mejía Rodríguez and Mesa Novato the payment of compensation for about $30 million in favor of the Dominican State and other persons and companies constituted in civil party

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