"Ortega's repression is increasingly horrible," denounce OAS member states

“Ortega’s repression is increasingly horrible,” denounce OAS member states

During the extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), the ambassadors of the United States, Canada and Chile strongly condemned the regime of Daniel Ortega for the “deplorable violation” of international agreements.

«The forced occupations of a diplomatic building show the violation of the peaceful norms of the Americas. Ortega sent the Police with machine guns to occupy a small office that represented this Organization in Managua; violates the principles of inviolability of the facilities of international organizations. We condemn the action in the most categorical way possible in the context of the regimes, “said the representative of the United States.

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For its part, Canada expressed that “the seizure of these diplomatic buildings of the OAS is a flagrant violation by the Nicaraguan regime, this resolution is a voice that must be heard because the behavior of the regime is increasingly horrible since the elections generals of November (2021) when he put opposition leaders in jail. The regime has made clear its hatred for the foundations that make up this organization.

This afternoon the member countries of the OAS tested with 29 votes in favor, zero against, three absent and three abstentions the resolution “The seizure of OAS offices in Nicaragua” because Ortega violated the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Organization of American States, adopted on May 15, 1949, to which Nicaragua adhered on October 31, 1960.

Article 133 of the OAS Charter, which establishes that the Organization “shall enjoy in the territory of each Member such legal capacity, privileges, and immunities as may be necessary for the exercise of its functions and the fulfillment of its purposes.”

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The resolution qualifies as “deploring the violation of the inviolability of the Organization’s archives,” and insisted that “the immunity of their property be fully respected during their stay in Nicaragua. Demand that the use of the premises seized by the Government of Nicaragua be immediately restored to the Organization.”

Given the situation, Chile denounced that “those most affected by what is happening in the country today are Nicaraguans, that people who daily demand respect for their basic freedoms from any democratic society, an example of this is exile, the political prison in extremely harsh conditions and the hundreds of civil society organizations that have been closed down».

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