Ortega's regime dispenses with historical Sandinismo and "deactivates" it

Ortega’s regime dispenses with historical Sandinismo and “deactivates” it

“Deactivate historic Sandinism” is the new order of the Daniel Ortega regime, according to a statement circulating on social networks. The writing attributed to the call National Commission for Attention to Sandinism, coordinated by the alleged guerrilla and brigade commander Leopoldo Rivas Alfarospecifies the supposed decision of the Nicaraguan administration.

The letter indicates that the orientation of two years ago to incorporate all the “historical Sandinistas outside the Sandinista Front (…) smoothing out the rough edges)” has been fulfilled by 90 percent.

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“Most of the comrades are incorporated into their corresponding UVE (Electoral Victory Units), and therefore, the existence of a structure such as that of historic Sandinism is no longer necessary,” emphasizes the Commission’s order.

Alluding to the opposition in Nicaragua that protested during and after the 2018 civic rebellion, the document states that the National Commission for Attention to Sandinismo had directed “collecting information on enemy activities.”

“Deactivate historic Sandinism,” Ortega’s new order, according to Sandinistas

It reveals that such “movements” by opponents who are described as “enemies” of the Ortega regime would have to be transmitted to the Ortega Police and the Army at the territorial level, “a task that was also partially accomplished with unique characteristics.”

“Totally deactivated”

Specifically, the document rules that “the structures and functioning of historical Sandinism at the national territorial level are totally deactivated and it is strictly prohibited to continue organizing and operating intelligence or counter-intelligence networks of any nature.”

“By this means, the superior command thanks you for your efforts and your partisan discipline, which we will always have to keep in mind in carrying out any task, likewise, for having acquired the achievements mentioned above, among which the massive incorporation of historic Sandinismo into our glorious professional ranks of the Sandinista National Liberation Front,” they concluded.

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A source linked to the Sandinista Front said on condition of anonymity to Article 66 that said commission was created in 2018 “with the sole purpose of seeing who is faithful to the party’s ideology.”

“A circular had been sent, but only to the people who were involved in providing information on the movements of the blue and white, although the order to remain faithful to the party remains firm,” he declared.

Sandinistas debate the veracity of the circular

After circulating the information on social networks, supporters of the Ortega-Murillo regime expressed that the letter is false. “This document is false of all falsehood. Be very careful…”, expressed a Facebook user, identified as José Santos López.

However, other FSLN militants referred to the circular as “varadera”. “It’s true, last night we received it from the National Commission,” said a person identified as Ramón Ulises Trujillo Flores.

Ortega's regime dispenses with historical Sandinismo and "deactivates" it
Sandinistas debate the veracity of the circular

“So let them do what they want, we are Sandinistas to the test and we continue with the Front and Daniel (Ortega),” said another citizen by the name of María Antonia Zambrana Fajardo.

From the surprising statements of the former ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Arthur McFieldswho denounced the regime of Daniel Ortega and demanded the freedom of political prisoners, many opponents have expressed that “the Ortega regime is falling apart from within.”

A citizen who works in one of the State institutions expressed that “being inside the Front and leaving is a death sentence, because the party does not forgive treason.”

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