Ortega regime sentences two peasants from Río San Juan to 10 years in prison

Ortega regime sentences two peasants from Río San Juan to 10 years in prison

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues with its attack against opponents. The judicial authorities of San Carlos, Río San Juan; they condemned the peasants Armando Robles Alaniz and Dominga Morales Jimenezboth from the municipality of Morrito, for allegedly “attacking the homeland and spreading false news to the detriment of the State of Nicaragua.”

According to judicial document 000207-ORC3-2022-PN, to which he had access Article 66, on March 31, the verdict was read. The document does not specify how many years in prison they were sentenced.

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A source on condition of anonymity confirmed to this media outlet that the judge sentenced each of the peasants to 10 years in prison for both crimes, 800 days fine and disqualification from holding public office for the same period.

Judge José Ramón Guillen, head of the San Carlos Criminal District Court, was in charge of convicting Robles and Morales. As in the rest of political processes, the witnesses were police officers.

The two citizens were prosecuted for allegedly violating the Law 1055, Sovereignty Law; and the Law 1042Special Cybercrime Law, regulations that the Ortega regime has used to imprison those who oppose his administration.

The Prosecutor’s Office, in its arguments, stated that both peasants, prior to the presidential elections of November 7, 2021, held meetings in the municipalities of El Almendro, San Miguelito and Morrito, to allegedly “plan a social uprising in order to provoke violence and alarm.

In addition, they pointed out that Armando Robles and Dominga Jiménez had planned to burn the Vote Receiving Board 001, located in the Delfina Quezada school, in Morrito; as part of the alleged uprising against Ortega.

They highlighted that for “rapid intervention” of the Police, the peasants were unable to carry out their plan, because they were arrested on the night of November 6 at their homes.

little peasants
Armando Robles, member of the Civic Alliance in Morrito.

The Prosecutor’s Office also accused them of spreading “false and distorted news” through Facebook; and indicated that they promoted and celebrated the sanctions imposed “by governments and foreign powers and in this way endanger the social and economic stability of the country.”

The Police of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo ordered the arrest of Armando Robles, coordinator of the Civic Alliance in Morrito, Río San Juan, anonymous sources reported to Article 66. The opponent was arrested on November 6, at about 6:45 pm when he was with his family outside his home. That same day, the peasant Dominga Jiménez was also arbitrarily captured by police officers.

Both peasants are part of the opponents that the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship captured a few hours after the disputed presidential elections were held, where the dictatorial couple was enthroned with a new period as head of State of Nicaragua.

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