Human Rights Defenders in Nicaragua applaud UN report against Ortega

Ortega regime complains at the UN for allowing it to be called a “regime”

The Daniel Ortega regime was present at the interactive dialogue of the UN Human Rights Council on the situation in Nicaragua, held this Thursday, December 15, but its participation was to reject the report of the United Nations High Commissioner.

The dictatorship delegated the Nicaraguan human rights attorney, Wendy Carolina Morales Urbina, to read the speech in which Ortega y Murillo defends himself against the accusations made against him for the repression against Nicaraguans.

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“Our total rejection of this type of mechanisms that update their human rights reports in a unilateral and biased way, acting as an instrument of pressure and interference by using arguments that are far from the reality of our country,” Morales said.

In turn, he stated that “the only purpose” of said session is to “keep us underdeveloped and distort our achievements and keep us submerged in the guidelines of foreign powers.”

Ortega’s envoy continued to victimize the Nicaraguan dictatorship and warning that the UN recommendations will not be followed. “We are a small people in territorial proportion but with firm convictions, for this reason we insist that these updates cannot stop us on our path of well-being and prosperity to make our own history with absolute respect for the sovereignty of each country.”

Annoyance for calling them regime

For his part, Rosalia Bohorquez, Nicaraguan ambassador to the Office of the United Nations (UN), was upset during the interactive dialogue.

The speech by the former vice president of the Nicaraguan Student Union (UNEN), of UNAN-Managua, was given after the representative of Georgia called the government of Daniel Ortega a regime and demanded the release of political prisoners, the restitution of the state of law, in addition to condemning political persecution.

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«Once again I make a point of order because it seems that Nicaragua’s requests regarding addressing our government correctly are not being heard. I ask the delegate Georgia to please omit saying regime when addressing the Nicaraguan government,” the Nicaraguan ambassador demanded.

Bohórquez’s demands were supported by the dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba, as well as Belarus, countries that, like the Ortega regime, are accused of violating human rights.

Ambassador to the UN upset for calling the Ortega administration a regime

«Unfortunately we see once again within the Council, with the example of Nicaragua, actions aimed at discrediting the states and the Nicaraguan authorities. Political pressure is exerted and an attempt is made to justify the use of coercive measures (…) Using the Human Rights Council to intervene in the internal affairs of a country is unacceptable (…)”, the Belarusian delegation defended Ortega.

Despite the defense and support of Ortega’s allied countries, the Ukrainian delegation joined the demand of the majority of the member countries for Ortega to release the more than 230 political prisoners and cease the repression as well as compliance with the Observations of the UN Human Rights Council.

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“We regret that there have been no positive changes in the human rights situation on the ground, and their reluctance to cooperate with human rights mechanisms (…) we ask that the government —of Nicaragua— release all those arbitrarily detained and that do not exercise repression against human rights defenders, journalists, religious leaders, among others.” he pointed at her.

After the observations and allegations of the member countries, Nicaragua did not have a new intervention and remained silent before the demands of the delegations that demand that Ortega stop the repression.

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