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Ortega police take over Cristhian Fajardo’s house

Ortega police take over Cristhian Fajardo's house

The Police at the service of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo took over the house of the former politician from Masaya Christian Fajardoas confirmed by the same opponent of Article 66.

The event was recorded in the afternoon of Friday, March 17, in the Pochotillo neighborhood, in the city of flowers, where the home of the also declared stateless by order of the dictator Daniel Ortega is located.

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A source, on condition of anonymity, denounced that dozens of agents from the Police Special Operations Directorate (DOEP), aboard three patrol cars and a civilian van, surrounded the house and forced the padlocks and then entered the uninhabited property. .

“One of his relatives was in Cristhian’s house, but after he appeared on the list of the 94 people who had their nationality removed, they decided to evacuate the place to avoid any violent situation,” the informant said.

For his part, Fajardo expressed in a sarcastic tone that he recommends to the police authority that now that his house has been taken over, they maintain it while he returns to Nicaragua.

«It would be good if they made it more beautiful and cleaned it; also that they fix the hotel that they burned me, that they paint it and that they leave it very beautiful for when I return, because they —the Ortega and Murillo regime— are already going to leave and we are going to recover it, “said the former exiled politician in USA.

He also stressed that despite the fact that the Nicaraguan dictatorship stole his three properties, he is “very calm and confident that we will recover our family assets soon, the good thing is that we have life and although we are in exile we enjoy freedom and have divine protection.”

Cristhian Fajardo with his wife María Adilia Peralta, in their house, which was robbed by Daniel Ortega. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

On March 14, personnel from the Attorney General’s Office seized the facilities of the old Hotel Masaya, also owned by Fajardo.

According to statements to this media outlet, the public workers ordered the owners of a pupusa sale that is located on another property in Fajardo, next to the hotel, to vacate in two days.

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The actions of the government of Daniel Ortega come after the February 15 stripping of the nationality of 94 Nicaraguans —journalists, priests, political activists, feminists, human rights defenders and former politicians—, which includes the former political hostage of Masaya.

It should be noted that the attack against Cristhian Fajardo occurred after he participated in a press conference on June 18, 2018 where the issue of the crisis that Nicaragua and Masaya were experiencing was addressed, which was the last city to be riddled with bullets by paramilitaries. and police officers at the service of the Ortega regime.

Ortega police take over Cristhian Fajardo’s house. Photo: Article 66 / La Prensa

After the events, the Ortega dictatorship launched a siege and persecution against Cristhian Fajardo, kidnapping him on July 22 of the same year, along with his wife María Adilia Peralta, accusing them of terrorism and organized crime. Both opponents spent 11 months in the cells of “La Modelo” and La Esperanza, respectively, they were released under the controversial Ortega Amnesty Law.

Despite being released, the police and armed men continued the siege against Fajardo and his family, for which reason on July 30 of the same year he was forced to leave for the United States, where he is currently and continues to be active. Fajardo joins other political exiles, such as former politician Freddy Navas, whose property was stolen by the Ortega dictatorship.

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