Apresan hombre con droga sintética

Man arrested with synthetic drug

A 28-year-old American was seized by members of the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD) and officers of the Specialized Airport Security Corps (CESAC), with 34 packages of synthetic marijuana, at the Las Américas International Airport.

The DNCD agents, members of the public ministry and canine units, were carrying out verification work in the arrival area of ​​the terminal, when they detected strange substances in several pieces of luggage.

In the presence of a deputy prosecutor, the rigorous protocol was initiated and two suitcases were opened, occupying about 20 packages, and 14 in the other, for a total of 34 packages of the vegetable.

Dolphy Valenzuela, a 28-year-old American, who arrived at the Las Americas terminal on a flight from New York, United States, was arrested for the case.

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“The detainee is already in the hands of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to learn of coercive measures in the next few hours for violation of Law 50-88, on drugs and controlled substances”

The drug packages had a total weight of 39.56 pounds, as determined by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF).

The authorities maintain reinforced surveillance and security operations at airport terminals to prevent the so-called mules that are used by drug trafficking networks from evading the controls established by official agencies.

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