Ortega attends Alba Summit in Cuba, criticizes the US

Ortega attends Alba Summit in Cuba, criticizes the US

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega will participate this Friday in the Alba Summit, which will be held in Cuba, just 10 days before the Summit of the Americasas reported to official media by the government spokeswoman and also Vice President Rosario Murillo.

“Our Nicaragua will be there as it should be, as it is, as it should be, our commander Daniel will be there, as President Nicolás (Maduro) said, the voice and voices of our peoples in Havana and wherever it is necessary will be there,” said the first lady.

In the midst of a controversy created by the possible invitation or exclusion of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuelathe Sandinista president said that he would not attend the Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles from June 6 to 10 because in his opinion “the Yankee”, referring to the United States, assures that he decides “who invites whom” .

He assured that Latin America should strengthen other forums, such as the Community of American States (CELAC), created in Caracas in 2011, because in his opinion it was a forum typical of the countries of the region “where no one is excluded.”

In the case of Alba, which is the Summit that Ortega will attend, it was born in 2004 through an agreement signed between Venezuela and Cuba which had as its supposed goal the “solidarity” exchange between the countries.

On the one hand, opponents in Latin America are lobbying so that these countries are not included in the Summit of the Americas, while some leaders of the region have asked that no one be excluded.

“In none of these countries do we enjoy full democracy, they themselves are curtailing the right to be present at the Summit. We have seen excellently well a possible exclusion of these regimes ”, he tells the VOA the Nicaraguan opponent Gabriel Putoy who days ago participated in the reading of a proclamation requesting the non-invitation of these countries.

For her part, Cuban activist Carla Pérez, exiled five years ago in Costa Rica, emphasizes that a possible invitation to these countries “would be to give in to the pressures of these regimes at the regional level and countries that violate human rights would somehow be legitimized.”

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