Ortega assures that the United States wanted to “open communication” in a “clandestine” way

Ortega assures that the United States wanted to “open communication” in a “clandestine” way

Dictator Daniel Ortega assured this Tuesday, during the act of the 43rd anniversary of the constitution of the Nicaraguan Army Air Force, that the United States sent an emissary to “open communication” with his regime, but he was rejected for arriving in the country of clandestine way.

“Indeed they sent a messenger who was here in Nicaragua and they did not do it through the official channel. A State Department official was herewho wanted to meet, but I told him that he had to come through official channels, through our ambassador there in Washington, and logically through the United States Embassy here, in order to receive an emissary, and not from the way it came, clandestine,” said the president.

“On the one hand, they send us a message that they are interested in opening communication, a few months ago, but since we already know them (…) we have preferred to keep our distance from those messages that they have sent us,” he said.

The The government of Joe Biden confirmed on May 6 to the Voice of America that he maintained “bilateral communication” with the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murilloone day after the North American newspaper New York Times revealed that Laureano Ortega Murillo, son of the dictator couple, would have sought dialogue with the United States with the aim of getting “relief from sanctions for his family”.

However, on July 19, at the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista popular revolution, Ortega insisted that there was no possibility of dialogue, because one cannot “dialogue with the devil”, in reference to the administration of Joe Biden.

Justifies the withdrawal of the approval of the US ambassador

Likewise, Ortega pointed out that he withdrew the approval granted to the candidate Hugo Rodríguez as ambassador of the United States in Nicaragua, for “rantting” against the country in full congress.

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“They send the proposal of who is going to be the new ambassador, and as far as you can read the history of a candidate to be an ambassador, we gave him the placet and he goes to congress with the placet, they take him to the congress to which he is a candidate for ambassador in Nicaragua and the guy starts talking, as if he were William Walker, who is going to be the governor of Nicaragua and who is going to come to put an end to the government of Nicaragua, yes, calmly speaking in front of Congress, then we immediately informed him that we withdraw the placet,” said Ortega.

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