Judy Meana on the new Seafood Market: ‘We are respectful of the decisions of the Court’

The deputy mayor of the district of Panama, Judy Meana, referred this Tuesday to the municipal markets, their scope in the communities, the creation of new peripheral markets, among other topics of interest.

Meana began by mentioning the construction of the new Seafood Market, specifying that “we cannot get stuck in this discussion of the Seafood Market. It is certainly a project of the mayor, which was presented during our campaign, but we are respectful of the decisions of the The Court and the legal team are looking at this issue. We cannot get stuck in this discussion.”

He also mentioned the Chilibre market, mentioning that they are awaiting administrative processes in order to give the order to proceed. It was tendered for $12 million and will have all the comforts and facilities.

The deputy mayor stated that a citizen consultation was made for a market in Tocumen. “It is a comprehensive network that will allow people from these sectors (north and east) to have access to products and not move to the center of the city,” she said.

He reiterated that the Directorate of Municipal Markets is holding free fairs and the calendar of these fairs is announced through social networks and the website of the Mayor’s Office of Panama.

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