Oriente Petrolero: the crisis of 50 days and 10 games without winning

Oriente Petrolero: the crisis of 50 days and 10 games without winning

May 29, 2023, 9:33 PM

May 29, 2023, 9:33 PM

Oriente Petrolero is in crisis. The Albiverde cHe hired Ángel Guillermo Hoyos to put out fires that are leading the club to relegation, but almost a month into Hoyos’ term, there are still no results. Guabirá was the last rival that lost to Oriente, since that April 9, the refiner has seven losses and three draws.

The ‘Platiní’ team had suffered to prevail and ended up beating Guabirá in one of the last plays of the game. Then came the blows and free fall. He lost to Royal Pari for League Date 9, Erwin Sánchez resigned, and then he was thrashed in Brazil with Bragantino by Sudamericana. There some protagonists crossed fists.

On Date 10 they drew goalless against The Strongest in an unrepeatable match, with a certain Leo Eguez as DT. The reserve coach brought out an unexpected result and excited several. The problem was the South American, where he returned to his harsh reality and fell 3-1 against Tacuary.

Holes arrived. On May 4, Ángel Guillermo Hoyos was announced, but his debut was delayed until May 25. In that period, his coaching staff took over the club, but the results did not seem to improve.

1-1 in the Clásico Cruceño against Blooming, they fell by the minimum against Real Santa Cruz in local condition, they tied against Aurora (all for the League), and were thrashed again by Libertad Gran Mamoré (4-0 for the Bolivian Cup).

Four games and more than 20 days after the announcement, Hoyos said he was present at a refinery game. It was against Bragantino, this time at Tahuichi, but the story was no different from that of Brazil. 0-4 forcefully, leaving a sensation of amateurism in the refinery establishment.

Four days later, on May 29, Oriente and Hoyos went to Pando and added another fall. It was 3-1 at the hands of the recently promoted to the Professional Division.

In the last 10 games, Oriente accumulates seven defeats and three draws. He scored just six goals (four by Cristian Álvarez, one by Leo Villagra, and another that Pedro Omar Siles from Blooming scored against), and he conceded 25 goals. On average, the refiner gets 2.5 goals per game. Untenable.

Currently Oriente Petrolero played 15 games between the Bolivian League and Cup. These add up to the average, and the number is worrying. The refiner is in the indirect relegation zone, but only the goal difference prevents it from falling directly. Both Oriente and Guabirá have 1,000,000 on average, with the best goal difference for those of Hoyos.

Oriente must take flight before Always Ready. Winning is no longer just a fan’s desire, but an obligation of the team. This Sunday, June 4, Oriente will have the chance to break the curse and that losing streak of two months without winning. At home, before his people, the refiner can and must wake up.

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