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Oriental stops Aceval pointer

Oriental stops Aceval pointer

The match between Chaqueños and those from Bajo took place in La Arboleda de Santísima Trinidad.

The goals for Oriental were scored by Juan Romero and Marcelo Sánchez (2), while Nery Castro, Silvio Paiva and Carlos Brítez scored for the visit.

This result does not change the situation in the table, since Aceval continues at the top, now with 4 integers ahead of Humaitá, his immediate pursuer, and six over Sport Colombia, the third-placed team.


-Saturday, August 13

*October 12 SD 2-3 Valois Rivarola

*Pilcomayo 3-1 Athletic Youth

*Sports Pinozá 3-1 Sport Colonial

-Sunday, August 14

*March 1st 0-2 Humaita

*Sport Colombia 4-2 Gen. Caballero CG

-Monday, August 15

*Oriental 3-3 Benjamin Aceval


Benjamín Aceval 34, Humaitá 30, Sport Colombia 28, Pilcomayo 25, General Caballero CG 22, March 1 21, Oriental 20, Sport Colonial 14, Valois Rivarola 13, October 12 SD 11, Atlético Juventud 11, Deportivo Pinozá 7.


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