Organizations ask the UN to pressure Nicaragua for the "persecution of the church"

Organizations ask the UN to pressure Nicaragua for the "persecution of the church"

One month ago, the arrest of Bishop Rolando Álvarez in Nicaragua, one of the greatest critics of the Government of Daniel Ortega, caused great indignation on the part of the international community, considering that it was an “abuse by the authorities.”

That has not been an isolated case. In recent times, several Nicaraguan priests, including Monsignor Silvio Báez or Father Edwin Román, have been forced to flee and go into exile due to the strong repression that, according to some organizations, they have suffered from the Government of Nicaragua.

They regret that the only “crime” they have committed has been to publicly oppose the policies of President Ortega.

“They are being viciously attacked for being voices, for denouncing these violations of the human rights of the population, and that is part of the criminalization to which they are being subjected,” said Leyla Prado Vanegas, a lawyer for the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, during a press conference in Manhattan, New York, to denounce the situation that the Church is experiencing in Nicaragua.

“The situation will get worse”

They warn that the situation against religious leaders in the Central American country has worsened in recent months and that, if the international community does not act, the harassment will continue to worsen. For this reason, they insist that the General Assembly of the United Nations, which these days is being held at its main headquarters, in the Big Apple, should serve to pressure Ortega and seek a solution.

“Today we are talking about a dozen priests arrested, but tomorrow there may be more. It is a dramatic situation that generates enormous uncertainty and a lot of fear,” said Juan Carlos Arce, a lawyer and member of the organization Nicaragua Nunca +, which also ensures compliance with human rights in the country led by Ortega.

The situation has not gone unnoticed by the main international organizations. The Organization of American States (OAS) and other nations have expressed concern for Daniel Ortega’s measures against anyone who opposes his policies.

Support from Washington, rejection from Managua

The United States, for its part, has shown its full support for the persecuted members of the Church in Nicaragua and its commitment to continue denouncing these abuses before high-ranking international diplomatic bodies, such as the UN, because, they insist, we are seeing an aggravation of the repression.

“The increase in attacks against the Catholic Church and its supporters is particularly alarming. Since June, the regime has forcibly expelled 18 nuns, persecuted several Catholic priests into exile, and imprisoned six others,” said Rashad Hussain, US Special Ambassador Designate for International Religious Freedom, who also participated in the event. .

Despite the voices from abroad, the Government of Daniel Ortega accuses the White House and other countries of lying about the repression against opponents in Nicaragua, such as members of the Church, activists or journalists.

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