Opposition takes an important step to achieve agreement

Opposition takes an important step to achieve agreement

Representatives of political parties signed a preliminary political agreement for national agreement. The objective is for the opposition to arrive united with a view to the general elections in April 2023.

The parties that signed the preliminary agreement are; the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), the National Crusade Party (PCN), the National Encounter Party (PEN), the Febrerista Revolutionary Party (PRF), the Beloved Homeland Party (PPQ), the Hagamos Political Party (PPH), the Party of A (PDA), the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), the Popular Patriotic Movement Party (PMPP), the Broad Front Party (PFA), the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) and the Paraguay Teko Pyahu Party (PPTP) .

Efraín Alegre, president of the PLRA, announced that, after the confirmation of the Concertación, on December 18 they will define the presidential candidate for 2023.

“We will not all agree, so we will discuss. The people have to choose their candidate,” he expressed.

According to the head of the PLRA, around 10 candidates will bid for the plate. “This will be nice, it will be really authentic”, he concluded.

Soledad Núñez, affirmed for her part that the concertation gives a lot of strength to democracy.

“This allows us to legitimize a badge, a pair to bid in the elections,” he said.


The Guasu Front did not sign the pre-agreement. However, their referents announced that this Sunday they will elect the party’s presidential candidate. The dispute will be between Sixto Pereira and Esperanza Martínez. Once they specify the candidate, then they will analyze whether to join the agreement or not.

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