G4 parties ratify settlement of Guaidó's "interim"

Opposition put an end to Guaidó’s “interim”

The Venezuelan opposition put an end to the so-called “interim government” this Friday during a meeting held by former deputies of the extinct 2015-2020 legislative period.

With 72 votes in favor and 8 saved, they fired Guaidó, who failed to establish a majority to maintain this figure that he led for four years after proclaiming himself “interim president” in a public square in eastern Caracas.

Guaidó did not benefit from the strategy executed two days ago, where he warned about the supposed risks of ending this adventure of parallel government that had the sponsorship and advice of the extinct administration of Donald Trump in the search to overthrow the legitimate government of the president. Nicolas Maduro.

During this discussion, the former deputies did not indicate what will be the fate of the self-styled “legitimate Assembly” that unconstitutionally approved the “extension of its operations” under the premise of ignorance of the legitimacy of the Venezuelan State.

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