Opposition parties support government measures after Hurricane Fiona

Opposition parties support government measures after Hurricane Fiona

President Luis Abinader met this Thursday night behind closed doors with representatives of the different political parties in the country, to whom he offered an overview of the situation in the provinces that were affected by the hurricane Fiona and the measures that the Government is taking to return those communities to normalcy.

Upon leaving the meeting, representatives of the main opposition parties expressed their support for the actions carried out by the Executive Power to mitigate the effects of the atmospheric phenomenon.

The member of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Radhames Segura, said that the president also spoke to them about the possibility of declaring a national emergency and obtaining funds to mitigate the situation left by the hurricane.

“The position of the Dominican Liberation Party has been that the PLD is a party that favors any type of work, any type of initiative that benefits the people,” said Segura.

However, he clarified that this does not mean that the purple party has assumed any commitment, since the Government has its initiatives and is responsible for the results.

He said that the PLD made itself available to the Executive Power, if it needs support from technicians or experienced people within the party, “well then we can collaborate with the Government.” He indicated that his organization is a constructive opposition party.

On his side, Ramón Rogelio Genao, general secretary of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), said that all parties support the government’s actions related to the effects of Hurricane Fiona.

As the representatives of the People’s Force, they also made themselves available to the Government to collaborate in any area that required them. They affirmed that the information presented by President Luis Abinader on the affected provinces will be discussed in the Political Committee of that organization.

The meeting was attended by Emigdio Sosa, from La Fuerza del Pueblo; Mayobanex Escoto, from the PLD; Trajano Santana of the PRI; Radhames Segura, PLD; José Francisco Peña Guaba, BIS; Jose Manuel Soto Jimenez, 5th. Republic; Jorge Radhamés Zorrilla Ozuna, Civic Renovator Party; Maritza López, Liberal Action Party; Antolin Polanco, Green Party; Juan Cohen, National Citizen Will Party; Milton Morrison, Possible Country; Luis Miguel De Camps, Social Democratic Revolutionary Party.

In addition to Luis Acosta Moreta (El Gallo), of the Cristina Democratic Union; Ismael Reyes, of the Institutional Democratic Party; Eduardo Estrella, from Dominicans for Change; Rogelio Genao and Quique Antún, Social Christian Reformist Party; Modesto Guzmán, Balaguerista Movement; Pelegrín Castillo, National Progressive Force; Junior Santos, representing the PRD and José Horacio from Democratic Choice, among others.

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