Opposition abandons US embassy takeover

Opposition abandons US embassy takeover

After finalizing the support of the US Government to the alleged interim position of former deputy Juan Guaidó in Venezuela, the representative of the alleged parallel government before the White House, Carlos Vecchio, announced that he was leaving the Venezuelan embassy in Washington.

The end of Guaidó’s alleged internship occurred after the other former deputies whose terms also ended two years ago but continue to proclaim themselves in the legislature turned their backs on him.

Vecchio occupied the Venezuelan embassy in Washington after a violent assault carried out in May 2019 by far-right radicals who, with the support of the US police, illegally broke into the diplomatic compound and arrested the group of US citizens guarding the facilities.

Siege of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington

The illegal occupation that Vecchio ended, began in May 2019 after the brutal assault of which it is also important to remember how part of the group of activists who tried to protect the Venezuelan facility located at 1099 Georgetown, between the streets 30 and Northwest, in the US capital, Washington DC.

The embassy was guarded by anti-war activists Photo: AVN

The Americans who were besieged and some of them arrested and criminally charged, supported the legitimacy of the government of President Nicolás Maduro in the face of the coup strategy of then US President Donald Trump, of imposing Guaidó to seize Venezuelan assets abroad. It is worth noting that the charges were later withdrawn for not having legal support.

The activists defended the Venezuelan Embassy building in Washington for 36 days and occupied the building with the express authorization of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry on behalf of the Maduro government since the announcement, by both governments, of the rupture of diplomatic relations.

These activists lived, in the heart of the country’s capital, which stands as a champion of human rights, a brutal siege when the US authorities and the Venezuelan opposition radicals cut electricity and water services and to force them to leave they prevented food from entering.

It was about 50 activists from the liberal anti-war group who promised to protect the building what they described as “a hostile takeover”, while the US State Department describes them as “intruders” and allowed fundamental rights to be violated with the cut off of services vital.

Vecchio lashed out at his teammates who fired him

Vecchio accused his fellow former deputies of having made a historic mistake by turning their backs on Guaidó, and consequently on himself, and in a Twitter message he called it “unconstitutional” to put an end to that stage of the coup adventure that for four years it meant the failed strategy of the self-proclamation of the alleged interim in a public square.

It is worth noting that although the alleged interim government did not achieve its public objective of overthrowing the national government, headed by President Nicolás Maduro, it did achieve the most brutal blockade against Venezuela with fatal balances due to the impossibility for the population and the State to access food, medicines and other basic supplies for the subsistence of the country.

Vecchio also accused his co-religionists in the coup adventure of which Guaidó was the most visible face, assuring that the former deputies who continue to proclaim themselves legislators “unconstitutionally assume the role of legislators, administrators and comptrollers, violating the principles of transparency and accountability ».

And paradoxically, the former parliamentarian points out, despite occupying a supposed Venezuelan embassy in a country with which Venezuela does not currently have diplomatic relations, that “absolutely no one has the prerogative to decide which part of the Constitution to abide by and which not. Much less the deputies ».

“In this sense, I do not endorse unconstitutional acts,” he snapped at his other comrades elected in 2015, whose mandate expired constitutionally in 2020, but who continue to ensure that they are a public power in the country, in fact they call themselves the only democratically elected one, ignoring to the rest of the Venezuelan state.

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