Opponents see that Evo attacks Arce to remove him from power

Opponents see that Evo attacks Arce to remove him from power

Opponents see that Evo attacks Arce to remove him from power

December 27, 2022, 4:00 AM

December 27, 2022, 4:00 AM

The opponents Comunidad Ciudadana (CC) and Creemos see that Evo Morales seeks to overthrow the government of Luis Arce, which is why he riddled him with attacks. They agree that he does it “cwith knowledge of the cause” because in its management it also protected corruption and drug trafficking.

From two trenches, his radio program and his certified Twitter account, former President Morales, in full celebration of Christmas, launched a flurry of criticism against the economic management of Luis Arce, insisted on the alleged links of the current Government with the US DEAHe said that there is corruption, that drug traffickers are not investigated and protected, he blamed the president and Vice President David Choquehuanca for the division of his party and for leading a “red” massacre against the “vistas” officials of the state apparatus.

On the night of December 24, Arce gave a Christmas message highlighting the economic stability of the country, the increase in agricultural production, the lowest inflation rate in the region, the scope of anticovid vaccination and other achievements of his management. Morales lashed out with everything.

The former president pointed the artillery at the alleged corruption and protection of drug traffickers. “To save our responsibility before history, we have sent a memorial with three requests to the State Attorney General’s Office. We denounce that cases of corruption at ABC are not being investigatedprotection for drug trafficking and impunity for the perpetrators of the coup and massacres in Sacaba and Senkata”.

The head of the Citizen Community bench in Deputies, Enrique Urquidi, stated that “Morales’s true intention is not for Arce’s management to improve or go on the right track. What he wants is to destroy and see how this government does not go beyond 2023, ”he warned.

For his part, his colleague from Creemos María René Álvarez, considers that “it is clear that this is the intention, Morales is in the campaign, there was no opportunity that he did not take advantage of to criticize. It is a division that has them in the crossfire and reveals a division that no longer has a solution. However, he added that the head of the MAS “speaks with full knowledge of the facts, and everything that has to do with illegal acts, because his government was just as corrupt and colluded with drug trafficking. There is a desperation to have the power to continue committing crimes.”

Along the same lines, Urquidi pointed out that we must not forget that the coca sector governed this country for 14 years “and continues to do so. They are privileged, they give free rein to the surplus coca since many members of the MASdirectly and indirectly are involved in drug trafficking.

The MAS senator, Félix Ajpi, from the ‘arcist’ wing, pointed out that Evo Morales’s assessments “are irrelevant. He is a fellow fighter, a former president who has done a lot for the country, but I think what he wants is to wear down the image of the Government. He has hopes of being a candidate, but I think he is taking the wrong path, if he wears down the government of the MAS, I don’t understand how he expects people to vote for us if he throws dirt at us, it’s like shooting himself in the foot, totally out of place,” he said.

However, Ajpi ruled that he does not agree with what the opposition points out about the supposed protection of illegal acts. “Drug trafficking is being fought, and corruption is not from now. Indeed, there are no formal or forceful complaints that compromise elected or designated authorities. So, I think we are on the right track,” concluded the assemblyman.

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