Retrospective 2022: check out the main news of August

Retrospective 2022: check out the main news of August

August was the month of goodbyes, with well-known figures who died during this period. Early on, on the 5th, Brazilians were surprised by the news of the comedian death, presenter and actor Jô Soares. At the age of 84, he was admitted to the Sírio-Libanês Hospital. The information was released by the artist’s ex-wife, Flávia Pedras Soares, on her Instagram account.Retrospective 2022: check out the main news of August

Jo Soares

Jô Soares passed away at the beginning of the month – Jô Soares Publicity by Rede Globo/Rights reserved

Three days later, the American actress died. Olivia Newton-John, aged 73. She was the star of the movie grease, from 1978, which would go on to become one of the most popular musicals in Hollywood history. Other celebrities who died this month were the singer and songwriter Lamont Dozier and the former leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev🇧🇷

The actress Claudia Jimenez died on the morning of the 20th, aged 63, at Hospital Samaritano, in the south zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The information was confirmed by the press office of the health unit, which did not report, however, the cause of death.

The actress became famous for her comedic roles on TV Globo, where she started working in 1979. Her debut on the network took place in the series Malu Mulher. One of her most famous characters was Dona Cacilda, one of the students of the humorous Escolinha do Professor Raimundo, by Chico Anysio, with her catchphrase “Beijinho, beijinho, dick, dick”.


The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) began to receive on the 1st the application records to the Presidency of the Republic for this year’s elections. The 2022 electoral calendar defines August 15 as the deadline for political parties, federations and coalitions to request the registration of female candidates and candidates for the positions of president of the Republic, governor and senator, as well as vacancies for federal deputies, state and district.

From the 16th, candidates, parties and federations were free to carry out electoral propaganda on the internet and in the streets. The candidates had 46 days to ask for the voter’s vote. Until October 1, the day before the first round, walks, motorcades with a sound car, distribution of campaign material, rallies and purchase of paid advertising in the media were allowed.

Up to the 15th, the TSE had received 12 requests to register candidacies for the presidency of the Republic in the October elections. In total, the electoral justice had received 28,000 registrations of candidacies for the October elections🇧🇷


While the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARI) case curve was still fallingconcern grew around monkeypox, considered an international public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO).

On the 11th, the Institute of Technology in Immunobiologicals of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz) asked to register two kits diagnostic virus molecular Monkeypox with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). On the 22nd, the Ministry of Health launched a prevention campaign the disease.

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2022 Census

With a two-year delay due to the covid-19 pandemic (in 2020) and lack of resources (in 2021), on August 1, the collection of information for the 13th edition of the Demographic Census🇧🇷 According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the initial forecast was to carry out interviews in 89 million addresses, in the 5,568 Brazilian municipalities, in addition to the Federal District and the State District of Fernando de Noronha.

Beginning of the election campaign

In the area of ​​policy,


On the night of the 6th, the German consul in Rio de Janeiro, Uwe Herbert Hahn, was arrested on suspicion of having murdered her husband, Belgian Walter Henri Maximillen Biot, 52 years old.

The next day, Uwe was subjected to custody hearing🇧🇷 On the 9th, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro sent the victim’s blood for analysis to check if she was doped before she died.

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Also in Rio, the Civil Police dismantled an accused gang stealing more than R$720 million from an 82-year-old woman, including works of art by renowned artists, jewelry and bank transfers.


the alderman Gabriel Monteiro (PL) had his mandate revoked by the City Council of Rio de Janeiro. The session was held on the 8th. The final score was 48 votes in favor of cassation and 2 votes against. A minimum of 34 votes was required, out of a total of 50 parliamentarians present.

Monteiro was tried for breach of parliamentary decorum, for three reasons: acting with a minor in a shopping mall, aggression against a homeless person invited to stage a robbery in Lapa and sexual intercourse recorded on video with a minor, which later had the images leaked on the internet.

night club

The Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul (TJRS) annulled on the 3rd the convictions of four accused in the fire at the Kiss nightclub, which took place in 2013, in Santa Maria (RS). With the decision, the convicts should be released immediately.

The convictions involve Elissandro Callegaro Spohr, former partner of the nightclub; Mauro Londero Hoffmann, also a former partner; Marcelo de Jesus dos Santos, vocalist of the band Gurizada Fandangueira, and Luciano Bonilha Leão, music producer.

The fire occurred on January 27, 2013, when one of the members of the band fired a pyrotechnic device, hitting the internal cover of the nightclub and starting the fire. Most of the victims were young and died after inhaling toxic fumes, unable to leave the club as the only emergency door was closed.

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