Opponents denounce harassment by members of the MAS

Opponents denounce harassment by members of the MAS

Tension. A group of people related to the MAS harassed opposition legislators on Saturday when they made statements to journalists about the process of formation of the directive in the Chamber of Deputies.

Deputies of the Citizen Community Alliance (CC) and Creemos were rebuked by several people who came to insult them. “Work and let work! The coup will not happen!” It was the choruses.

Some of them threatened the legislators and from the Creemos bench they denounced that the deputies María René Álvarez and Alba Moira Osinaga they were insulted with degrading adjectives.

The group related to the ruling party managed to enter the Plaza Murillo, one of the most guarded places of the Government headquarters, but then he was evicted by agents of the Police Operational Tactics Unit (Utop).

Earlier, the benches in the Chamber of Deputies of the opposition alliances Citizen Community (CC) and Creemos denounced that the MAS seeks to monopolize all the positions of the directive with a view to the 2021 – 2022 Legislature that will be installed this Monday, November 8.

“The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani of MAS, said that there is a third option, but according to the regulation There is not that, and the directive corresponds to the majority block in some defined positions and the minority block in other defined positions”, Carlos Alarcón, head of the Citizen Community (CC) bench in the Chamber of Deputies.

The legislator pointed out that “third option“Is to” buy consciences, prebendalize positions and violate regulations “so that the MAS controls the decisions in that legislative entity.

Alarcón reported that he sent a letter to Mamani to inform him that the minority bloc is made up of Citizen Community in the second Vice Presidency and third Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies.

In addition, he said that he made known the names of Enrique Urquidi and Wálter Villagra from the Citizen Community and Óscar Charles and Michel Flores from Creemos.

Deputy Erwin Bazán (We believe) hopes that the MAS will respect these decisions and assured that all the selected legislators were summoned with “all the formalities of the law”.

The formation of the directive in the Chamber of Deputies should have been finalized last week, but the MAS, which has a relative majority in the Legislative Assembly, postponed this decision to this Saturday.

Mamani, in the session this Saturday, said that he postponed the session “until the opposition agrees”, as he had validated a list made up of dissidents from the opposition political forces.

This tension occurs hours before the multisectoral strike that will begin on Monday against Law 1386 and other regulations. Opponents were unable to withdraw to their regions over the weekend to participate in this pressure measure.

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