Nicaraguans in Costa Rica will march on November 6 in rejection of Ortega's "electoral farce"

Opponents continue in search of strategies for the liberation of Nicaragua

Opposition members continue to strengthen unity “in action” to seek liberation and democratization in Nicaragua. This was announced after a new meeting was held in the so-called “Monteverde” group, as they have called a dialogue platform in which some Nicaraguan political leaders agree.

In this space, as reported in a note they sent to the media, opposition leaders, former political prisoners and former presidential candidates participated, all in exile or who were exiled by the Daniel Ortega dictatorship. They assure that “the unity of the different sectors has been strengthened.”

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They have a strategy that seeks «the peaceful end of the dictatorship and the construction of a democratic and inclusive society in Nicaragua»the intention is the immediate search for the release of political prisoners.

Opponents continue in search of strategies for the liberation of Nicaragua

What are the new proposals?

The integration into the group of new sectors and the contribution of some of the former presidential candidates, is part of the unification that they intend to achieve to lead a democratic transition of the country.

Among its commitments is listening to the voice and aspirations of Nicaraguans inside and outside the country. This is the second meeting in Monteverde called Unity and Joint Action to Achieve the Liberation of Nicaragua, in which members of civil society, the peasant movement, youth and leaders of political organizations participated.

Within the country there have been different attempts at unity since 2018 that failed as the elections approached. Different organizations still believe that it is important for all opposition groups to integrate, as indicated by a recent study carried out by the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies of Central America (CETCAM).

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