Opponents affirm that new arbitrary arrests guided by Ortega "will not prevent the fall of his regime"

Opponents affirm that new arbitrary arrests guided by Ortega “will not prevent the fall of his regime”

13 opposition organizations in Nicaragua condemned the recent arbitrary arrests against opponents, especially against members and relatives of the political organization Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos).

Among the signatories of the statement are the Blue and White National Unity, Initiative for Change, Nicaraguan Self-Convened Union, Alliance of Nicaraguan Youth and Students, Nicas for Democracy, among others.

The groups affirmed that the new wave of violent arrests against dissidents of Daniel Ortega “shows the people of Nicaragua that they will not prevent the fall of the regime and its accomplices.”

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“Ortega has initiated this new wave of repression in a new attempt to stop and silence any voice contrary to his discourse, which only remains in power by using violence, which is an unsustainable model,” they pointed out.

They also highlighted that in the recent kidnappings “they have not only detained those who dare to share their ideas like hundreds of other Nicaraguans since 2018, but now they are also imprisoning innocent family members as hostages.”

Arbitrary arrests “will not prevent the fall of the regime,” say opposition groups

According to the recent summary of Blue and White MonitoringBetween September 5 and 18, the political group Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos) has registered 11 arbitrary arrests of its members or relatives.

The report indicates that the arrests have been made without a court order. Of the 11 arrested, nine are men and two women. The arrests have been reported in the South Caribbean Coast (RACCS), Chontales, León, Managua and Carazo.

“Ortega wants to implant terror”

They also stated that with this new attack, the “strategy” of Ortega and Murillo is to implement a de facto state of exception and terror against Nicaraguan citizens. “We are clear that the recent captures are part of the actions to finish instituting their single-party model,” they remarked.

“We call on our people, including those from the FSLN party, state workers and members of the armed forces who do not agree with the actions of their leaders, to keep alive the flame of hope and patriotic fervor. through the exercise of civic and peaceful resistance that has characterized the April struggle against the Ortega and Murillo dictatorship.” they emphasized.

Unamos records 11 kidnappings of its members, between September 5 and 18.  Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda
Unamos records 11 kidnappings of its members, between September 5 and 18. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

They also exhorted the followers of the Ortega dictatorship, state workers and members of the armed forces “not to continue supporting the repression and to embrace with our people the hopes of freedom and democracy that have caused so much suffering and pain.”

Solidarity with the Catholic Church

On the other hand, the groups that signed the letter expressed “their solidarity with the pain and anguish of the families of all political prisoners, as well as with the Catholic Church itself, its priests, seminarians, religious men and women who are being repressed.” .

«Nicaragua will continue to fight for his freedom and that of more than 200 people unjustly detained; likewise, they will continue to demand respect for their constitutional freedoms, including religious freedom,” they asserted encouraged.

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For her part, the opposition Alexa Zamora indicated that with these repressive actions the Nicaraguan regime “increasingly evidences its intentions to maintain an iron control in all aspects of the life of Nicaraguans, curtailing their freedoms. They will not silence our voices, these acts will not hold us back.”

So far, the Nicaraguan dictatorship has not ceased its repression against Nicaraguans. He keeps 205 opponents behind bars, including Catholic priests, including Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, who was placed under “house arrest” after being harassed for 15 days in the Episcopal Curia of Matagalpa.

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