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Opponent Keilylli de la Mora after arriving in the US protests in front of the Cuban Embassy in Washington

Keilylli de la Mora, Cuba, embajada, Estados Unidos

MADRID, Spain.- The opposition member and former Cuban politician Keilylli de la Mora demonstrated in front of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, after her recent arrival in the United States.

“Today, December 28, I am here because State Security threw me out of Cuba, separated me from my family and my friends,” De la Mora is heard saying in a video shared on social networks by the activist José Godoy.

During his protest, he also denounced that “in Cuba there is a dictatorship and that human rights are not respected.”

“They violate the life of the youth. Young people who do not want to live in communism are threatened with imprisonment, they beat us and the people remain silent. We have to go out and ask for the freedom of the people of Cuba,” he declared.

Keilylli de la Mora, a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and the Consenso Ciudadano movement, in 2019 was sentenced to ten months in prison.

In 2020, she was sentenced to one year and six months in prison for the alleged crimes of spreading the epidemic, disobedience, contempt, and resistance.

During her time in prison, the young woman faced the rigors of Cuban prisons, where inmates were taken advantage of. As part of her work there, she had to clean prisons and delegations, where she got up close to the corruption of the prison authorities.

“Cleaning delegations I saw corruption for the first time. Officials robbed with open hands. They took things out and went home with full cars, ”he confessed in Interview with CubaNet.

In prison, the opponent tried to take her own life on several occasions. According to her own statements, she “preferred to die than be in prison.”

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