Almost identical.  This is the theses of Minister Yasmín Esquivel and Édgar Báez

UNAM calls Minister Yasmín Esquivel to appear for alleged plagiarism of thesis

“To the university people of this House of Studies, who participated as authors, jury or adviser, in the two professional theses dated July 1986 and September 1987, which were announced in recent days and involving a former student of the Faculty of Higher Studies Aragon and a former student of the Faculty of Lawthey are invited to express what corresponds to their interest, no later than 12 noon on Thursday, December 29 of this year, in order to be considered in the analysis being carried out by this collegiate body”, says the statement issued by the Academic and Scientific Integrity Committee of the FES Aragón.

Last week the UNAM confirmed that there was a high level of “coincidence” between the thesis of Esquivel and that of Báez Gutiérrez.

“When carrying out a detailed comparison of the professional theses of a student from the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Aragón, presented in 1987, with that of a student from the Faculty of Law, sustained in 1986, the General Directorate of Libraries and Digital Information Services of this University found that there is a high level of coincidences between both texts”, reported the UNAM.

Esquivel Mossa was accused of having copied the thesis with which he graduated with a law degree and which is called “Ineffectiveness of the Unions in the Trusted Workers of Article 123 Section A”.

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