En la carta, pagada por el Bay Area Cuba Saving Lives Committee, los firmantes piden a Pelosi, quien buscará la reelección en los comicios de medio término del venidero mes de noviembre, considerar la posibilidad de forjar de una vez un nuevo camino en las relaciones entre ambos países. Foto: Marita Pérez Díaz.

Open Letter asks the US government to reverse measures against Cuba

An Open Letter published in the American newspaper The San Francisco Examiner exhorts the president Joe Biden to change its policy towards Cuba and reverse the measures that tightened the economic embargo during the Donald Trump administration, according to official media on the island, including the Foreign Ministry in their networks.

“Let Cuba Live!”, the voters and personalities of the San Francisco Bay area ask in the letter addressed to the president of the House of RepresentativesCalifornia Democrat Nancy Pelosi, according to a office from the agency Latin Press (PL).

Among the signatories are the teacher and writer Angela Davis; San Francisco Oversight Board Chairman Shamann Walton; Gayle McLaughlin, former Mayor of the City of Richmond and poet Togo Eisen-Martin.

In the letter, paid for by the Bay Area Cuba Saving Lives Committee, the signatories ask Pelosi, who will seek re-election in the mid-term elections next November, to consider the possibility of forging once and for all a new path in relations between both countries.

“We urgently and publicly appeal to you (Pelosi), a representative elected from San Francisco” so that, in your capacity as national leader, you urge Biden “to reverse the 243 coercive measures that the Trump administration (2017-2021) added to the blockade long-standing imposed by the United States,” cites PL.

The signatories recall that the Platform of the Democratic Party of 2020 demanded the relaxation of that unilateral fence on the Island and the campaign of the then candidate revolved around the issue, however “the Biden government has kept Trump’s policy in force almost in its entirety, even during the epidemic that hit to the planet”.

The signatories further note that they are encouraged by “the fact that on May 16, 2022, the administration has taken three limited steps toward ending Trump’s policies.” “With a stroke of the pen, Biden could sign an executive order right now and reverse all the measures imposed by his predecessor,” they point out, according to the media.

USA: reverse policy of flights to Cuba of the Trump administration

For PL, the letter emphasizes that in July 2020, following the call launched by the Campaign to Save Lives, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors made that city the first major city in the United States to unanimously pass a resolution to favor of medical cooperation with Cuba. In addition, he demanded the lifting of economic sanctions and the travel ban.

Other similar resolutions were endorsed in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, Santa Cruz and Sacramento, for a total of 48 national jurisdictions, the text recalls.

In recent weeks, people living in the San Francisco Bay, and throughout the United States, donated six million syringes to support vaccinations against COVID-19 with drugs developed by the Cuban biotechnology industry itself, the letter added. according to the news agency.

The most recent White House decision to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles from June 6 to 10, was considered by the signatories as “a step backwards that must be reversed immediately.”

At the same time, they urge to stop the actions of the United States Government that try to provoke “a change of regime” in the largest of the Antilles, adds PL.

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