ONPE calls on political organizations to present their best candidates in internal elections

ONPE chief asks candidates to accept results of the October 2 elections

The head of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), Piero Corvetto, asked the candidates participating in the Regional and Municipal Elections on October 2 to accept the results of the citizen preference.

In statements to RPP this Saturday and less than 24 hours after the national voting tables open, the official addressed the members of the table, political parties and the candidates who will seek to be officials from January 2023.

“To the polling station members, who come at 6 am They are the ones who run the polling station, the ones who count the votes. They must be punctual so as not to generate delays or inconveniences”he warned.

Piero Corvetto called for the October 2 election results to be accepted. (PRP)

Piero Corvetto asked the political parties and groups to locate representatives in all the 84,000 polling stations, after recalling that they may have copies of the minutes that will allow verifying the veracity of the results.

“To the candidates, so that they can accept the results such as the citizenship defines, and that this be an electoral process that is carried out in peace and tranquility, because that is what our country needs”he concluded.

The head of the ONPE recalled that to go to vote this Sunday, October 2, it will only be necessary to have a DNI, since the requirement for a vaccination card and the use of masks has been eliminated.

“We are no longer going to take the temperature, we are not going to ask for a vaccination card. Entry is going to be much easier and we are going to have a double booth at each voting table, which is going to allow the wait in each of the lines to be much faster than in past elections”he detailed.

Along these lines, Corvetto explained that all the polling stations will finish receiving all the electoral material today Saturday at 2 pm at the latest, with which they will be prepared to receive the polling station members from 6 a.m. and the voters from 7 p.m. A.M

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